Accessing Ignition in a different computer or end device


I created an HMI on Ignition Perspective and also created a database (MySQL), added the tags and established OPC UA server connection on my devices. I now want to access the ignition perspective session through my phone or any computer. Any thoughts on how I can do this?


If you're using a computer you can launch it from the Ignition designer, or go to the Ignition Gateway and view your perspective projects and launch

If you want on your phone download the app, ignition perspective, and add the gateway in the same way as you would a designer.

Do I need to configure the Web Server settings? Does my phone need to be in the same network as my ignition? My gateway URL on my computer is localhost:8088, do I put that or IP address:8088?

Depends if you want to connect from over the internet, if your phone or PC is on the same network you'll just use the IP address. Localhost:8088 is only for accessing on the same machine that Ignition is hosted on.

Otherwise you'll need to work with more IT side to get a way to connect to the server.