Accessing items in a ControlLogix string array

I have a string array in a ControlLogix version thirty something. Descriptions[50]. I just need to know how to replace the element number with another tag.

Please elaborate.

I have a string array in an AB PLC. The array is Descriptions[50]. A fifty element array. I have another integer value List_Value. I display the description on a PanelView using Descriptions[List_Value]. I am new to Ignition and I need to know how to do the same thing in Ignition vision.

Ok. This is a job for indirect tag binding.

You would bring all 50 strings into Ignition as 50 string tags. The tag paths would typically be Descriptions/_0_ through Descriptions/_49_. In the indirect tag binding, you would use Descriptions/_{1}_ as the primary path, and then supply {List_Value} as the expression for substitution #1.

I keep getting this: Path '{List_Value}' is not well-formed

Please show a screenshot of your indirect tag binding dialog.

(Also, did you already create the integer tag List_Value pointing at the PLC's tag?)


Ah, yes, in Vision, you need to bring List_Value to another property, and use that property in the indirection reference. (Perspective offers a full expression for the reference instead of just a property.)

When you say another property, do you mean something like a spinner or can it be a memory tag?

No, just a custom property on a component or container. You generally should not use memory tags for this sort of UI stuff because then all simultaneous clients are forced to have the same live value.

(Have you completed the Inductive University lessons? They cover all the architectural basics.)

I have been through most of them. I just started on this stuff Monday.

Your eyes must be bugging out. There's 80+ hours of lessons, IIRC.

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