Accessing Laptop Camera within Vision

I’m using Vision on Ignition 8.0.17

I’m currently having users take pictures of equipment with their laptop cameras and them upload it into a Vision Application from a file browser, due to speeds we have a need to have a popup to display the laptops camera feed and take a picture with a click of a button. Is this possible within Vision?

Not easily. There’s various Java native-hardware-access libraries webcam-capture seems maybe promising, but you’ll have to go through some hoops (or create a custom module) to load the relevant files into Vision.
Another option that may work is the Web Browser component in Vision; since it’s just embedding a ‘real’ browser engine, you might still have access to the builtin support for cameras.

Thanks, I’ll look into webcam-capture, I also own perspective but haven’t developed on it yet, I believe i can open a browser from within Vision and load the perspective screen perhaps?

I read that perspective should have native camera support, but i’m not sure what perspective component to use

Perspective doesn’t quite have native device image capture support (yet). You can scan barcodes in the app, and the file upload component will, on most mobile devices, allow you to specifically capture a picture, but we’re not currently hooking into native devices such that you can capture an arbitrary image at any point.

My Image Streaming module can load OpenCV into Vision Client scope, where you could script access to its VideoCapture class.