Accessing mySQL query data via OPC

I am interested in connecting Win911 to a query in mySQL to get alarm data. (I am populating a table with data and querying the last row). Can anyone help me configure my OPC to connect to my database? I also have OpenOffice installed.


Win911 doesn’t have any sort of database connector?

If you want to access database data through OPC you might look at the KepServerEX ODBC client driver

I use win911 with the kepware odbc connector and it works well. I basically just have a transaction group that moves values into a table, I then push those values out via opc.

Its definitely not the best way to do things though. you cant tie the high and low alarm setpoints from ignition into win911’s high and low setpoints so you either have to have push the analog value out and then have separate setpoints in win911 or look at the .alertactive of a tag which means you cant put the value in the message. you definitely lose alot of the functionality that you have using wonderware and win911 together when you try and use win911 with ignition. plus the odbc to opc driver isnt cheap.

Ive basically just decided to use win911 for voice callout, and then let ignition handle email and text’s. It would be nice if Ignition would have some of the features that win911 has like alert escalation and the ability not to send alerts to someone during certain time periods.

These features are on our roadmap.

You can access mySQL tables using TopView SQL from Exele (
It provides everything you will need for notification and escalation.

We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition. … /index.htm