Accessing Other Component Properties In Bindings

How can properties of a component that are not listed in the Bindings editor be accessed for said bindings?
I wanted to use the Enabled property on one object to be part of a binding on others. Unfortunately the Enabled property in the component, in this case a Drop Down List, is not accessible in the properties list on the Bindings Editor (see attached image)

Is there a means by which to access these properties that aren’t listed?

You can’t, and it is fundamental to the operation of bindings. The properties listed as available for binding are the ones that generate propertyChange events. Bindings execute on startup and then only when a referenced property fires on change.

The next best thing would be to write a propertyChange event script that looks for componentEnabled, which is an underlying event that goes along with the enabled property. The indirection is a side effect of enforcing security roles, IIRC.