Accessing .pdf from internet in viewer

Would like to access a .pdf from internet within Ignition. I’ve got Ignition 7.6.2 and PDF viewer 1.6.1. I have a dropdown list with the pdf name and link, the pdf viewer filepath is linked to selected link string. I get an error saying file may be corrupt. Is it just not possible to do what I am doing or is there something I may be doing wrong?

[attachment=0]ICE Error.png[/attachment]

The url you are using requires you to download the file before it can be opened. This is not how the PDF viewer works. The PDF viewer needs to have access to a PDF file, not a download link.

What exactly are you trying to do and we can help you from there.

Was planning on hosting equipment manuals/documents on a webserver, that way a client could access no matter network location but had internet access. This way if we needed to update a manual or document we would just update one since they all pointed to the same place.

You should be able to use openURL:"")

This method should work, but will download the file to the computer being used. If you would like to use a PDF Viewer component within the client you could use the Tomcat server. This forum thread will have more information on that