Accessing Power Table Attributes

I’m looking at retrieving the inner viewport horizontal extents of a power table only when the horizontal scrollbar component is visible. Anyone got anything on this?

I was able to figure this out. I wanted to print out a window and make a table print entirely when it has scrollbars. I was able to get the table’s actual width and compare it to the width of the table’s viewport, which tells me if it has a scroll bar or not. If it does, then I transform the table to it’s actual size for printing, then return it to normal size afterwards. It worked like a charm.

windowName = system.nav.getCurrentWindow()
    rc = system.gui.getWindow(windowName).getRootContainer()
    powerTable = event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table')
    t = powerTable.getTable()
    actualWidth = t.getWidth()
    visibleWidth = t.getVisibleRect().width
    if actualWidth > visibleWidth:
    	system.gui.transform(powerTable, newWidth = actualWidth)
    job = system.print.createPrintJob(rc)
    job.showPageFormat = 1
    job.orientation = 1
    def	reset():
    	system.gui.transform(powerTable, newWidth = visibleWidth)
    # window not opened
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