Accessing report in Ignition 7.6.3

I am trying to do an update for a customer in an early version of Ignition version 7.6.3. There is a tag coming from a plc to a DB through a transaction group. Then they are accessing that tag via a custom script. That tag I believe is an Int4. The customer wants to show the column but have the values underneath the column be blank. I have limited access to the database. I am used to newer versions of ignition which have the Report module where you can look at the formatting of the report and so on. I could not find this same thing in this earlier version. Does anyone know how you would get to the equivalent of the reporting module where you can format items? I am hoping I could simply remove the tag from the report and be done with it.

Reports prior to 7.7 are configured inside of Vision windows. Find the window that has the report and you should be able to open the report customizer, which should be largely familiar to you from the "modern" reporting formatting.


Perfect thanks! I was able to remove the tag from the report and got exactly what I wanted.