Accessing SCADA screen from a different computer remotely

Dear All,
I am new to the ignition. I have downloaded all the necessary things and installed them properly. I have two demo PLC stations and a host computer; all three of them are connected through the LAN router. My host computer has a wifi internet connection also. Now I have designed a SCADA user interface using ignition designer and can launch it through the client launcher from my host computer. I can control my PLC station through this SCADA user interface. However, I want to use another computer which is not on this LAN network (host computer, PLC1 and PLC2) to control the SCADA in the host computer. The other computer also has an internet connection, and I have also downloaded the client launcher there. But I do not know how to configure it to achieve the desired objective, can anyone help? Thanks a ton. Apology for the long message.

It sounds like you need to expose the Ignition gateway to the Internet (a big security risk) or use a VPN between the two networks.

You didn’t mention whether your client application is Vision or Perspective. It might make a difference so add the appropriate tag into your question.

Hi Transistor, Thanks for the reply. My client application is Vision.


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