Accessing Sharepoint Data/Files from Ignition

Hi guys,

Read all posts about the same issue, but couldn't extract a fully working solution from any of them combined. Despite all the recommendations :(, we use and will keep using Sharepoint to manage a lot of useful information directly through native SP lists or collaborative -Excel- files; we would like to access that sort of info and integrate it in Ignition with other sources.

Has anyone implemented a working solution, and would you mind sharing the details? Could it be done using the HTTP binding rather than scripting? Did you have any particular issues managing security certificates?


You're going to have to use the function, and deal with whatever authentication/authorization mechanism largely yourself. In some future Ignition version we're planning to support Ignition acting as an OAuth client and exposing those tokens to scripting in some to-be-determined way, which would likely simplify things. For now, it's all handcranked.