Accessing UDT OPC tag Tooltip

Hi guys,

I need to be able to access the tooltips for a mouseover property of a OPC tag which is part of a UDT that is bound as a templates property.

So when the template is used moving the mouse over the tag display will show its tooltip.

You dont seem to have access to the meta properties when drilling into the UDT inside a templates properties.

I’m probably missing something simple??

Cheers for any help



The answer, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as you might hope- right now you can’t bind directly to those properties.

However, there’s still a way: use indirect bindings. The UDT parameter gives you access to the path to the tag, so you can bind your tooltip indirectly, to something like “{1}/Tag.Tooltip”, where {1} is referenced to the tag path meta property. This forum thread gives another example.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Colby

will give it ago.