Accessing UDT parameters does not allways work

I made an UDT. Inside I put some OPC tags. One of this tags has an alarm associated. Within this alarm I made 2 associated data params, Text1 and Text2. I then added an expresson binding to both of them so they would reference UDT properties of the same name, Text1 and Text2, which I also created in the UDT.

After configuring the UDT I made an instance of it and assigned some text to the params Text1 and Text2. The bindings are obviously not working because I have an error overlay on the tag. When I inspect the tag in the Tag Diagnostics Dialog, the errors for both alarm associated properties say:

Syntax error on token: ‘End of expression’ (Line 0, Char 0)

The expression I use on both associated Data properties Text1 and Text2 are {Text1}, {Text2} respectively.

So, my question is: am I doing something wrong or expression bindings in this case are not working properly?

Using: Ignition 7.7.1

I’ve noticed some weirdness with parameters in alarms.

I suggest putting “{Text1}” in the expression to see if that works.