Accidental deleting groups


On the SQL Frontend page. Somehow, we selected a group (while attempting to delete an item in the group) and accidently deleted the entire group.

I would recommend a “WARNING”, with a confirmation that you are about to delete a group, something like;

“WARNING, This group is not empty, are you sure you want to delete this group. YES - NO”


Hi John-

There currently is a warning before deleting groups. I can’t say exactly how far back in terms of versions that this has been in place, but I think it’s been a while. Could it be that you accidentally also hit ‘yes’ thinking that it was asking about the item delete?

If you can replicate that it doesn’t ask, what version are you using?


Our FactorSQL should be recent (couple months at most).

The young man I have working on this loves to just double click everything without waiting to see whats going to happen.

I’ll bet money thats what the problem was. I’ll double check to make sure we get the “ARE YOU SURE” message.