Accidentally deleted tag history table

how can I make Ignition regenerate the sqltag history table in the database if I accidentally deleted it? Ive tried restarting but that didnt do the trick. Im not trying to recover anything, just trying to get it to start storing data again.

You can try to disable the Tag History Provider, save, then re enable and save. What table is it that you deleted?

the sql_data_with the date on the end??

Ive tried disabling and re-enabling the tag history provider but it doesnt seem to do anything. ive even tried stopping and starting the gateway. I do notice that the sqlth_partitions table still lists the old tablename. should I delete it from that table?


Yeah, try removing the row for the latest partition table. The data table should get created the first time the system attempts to store data, but perhaps the entry in that table is throwing it off.