Accidently Deleted Administrator Role / New users do not work

So, I accidently deleted the Administrator Role from my user source and locked myself out of the Gateway Configuration. I used the command line to reset my password and I am able to log onto the gateway again but now any new user I add does not work. I add it and then if I try to login with it, it says the password is incorrect (in the designer it works).

Since v8, unlocking via gwcmd doesn’t actually reset your password, but create a new user source with the new admin account, and gateway login is set to use it (the new user source).

Edit your old user source to fix your password there, then switch the gateway back to that user source.

You can delete the temporary user source at that point.

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This is what I am doing. My old source doesn’t work.

I don’t know what you mean by “switch the gateway back to that user source” aren’t this all viable user sources at the same time? As in I can log into a user from any of them?

No. Only one is usable for gateway web access, and each project uses a specific one.

User sources can have soft fallbacks, though, which allow allow failures in the primary source to be passed on to another.

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How can I change which one is used for the gateway access?

Go to Config => Security => General

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Make sure you have a working administrator account in the user source/identity provider before you switch to it.

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