Accordion Shifts Popup Content

Good morning everyone!

I seem to be totally flummoxed by this one!
I have a popup that contains a couple of flex containers, one of which has within it an accordion component. The accordion has 3 embedded views which each contain a number of numeric fields, and most importantly, some checkboxes.
When at runtime I press one of the checkboxes (and not all of them, only certain ones despite being the same as far as I can tell), the whole content of the popup shifts up (See images)

Before clicking:

After Clicking:

Has anyone seen this behavior before?
With the button being so far nested - I don't understand how the whole top container is shifting. Also the different boxes shift it by different amounts.

...Sometimes it will shift so far that its totally off the top of the screen :rofl:




It seems that I have solved this problem by updating the gateway from 8.1.22 to 8.1.25 (latest at time of writing). I assume its a bug in version .22.

Hopefully this post is found by anyone else with the problem :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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