Accordion text name in perspective

Hi guys,

Do you know when clicking on the header and then getting the accordion text name in the session custom property?


I'm sorry but... what's the question ?

You can use the onItemExpanded/Collapsed Events to write to a custom property:

def runAction(self, event):
	self.custom.expandedAccordionText = self.props.items[event.index].header.content.text
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@cmallonee thank you for your response.

You are correct but in my case expand and collapse false so index id not found.

Then unless you're rendering the content as a View, there is no way to know about the text. As it looks like you are rendering the content as a View, that View should be responsible for declaring it was clicked and writing to the Session property.

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@cmallonee Thanks for your response.

Yes. Resolved my problem using view.