Acknowledged Alarms Disappear when Cleared

Using the perspective AlarmStatusTable I'm encountering unwanted behavior for my use case. "Show All" selections are made (no filters). I show show all alarms that are active, acknowledged, and cleared except for alarms that were acknowledged BEFORE they were cleared.
When this happens, the alarms shows- I acknowledge it and it continues to show with the ack notes, then once the alarm is cleared it disappears from the table. This seems to be the only case that I make an alarm disappear from the table (Other than filters). All alarms that are acknowledged after they are cleared stay in the table.
Is this behavior expected? I have not been able to find any mention of this specific situation in the manual or elsewhere on the form. I also haven't found any settings within the alarm configuration on the tag or for the table that correct this.
Any suggestions? Thanks all!

Sounds like a bug that should be reported to support.

For my use case I need to set up an alarm journal, it shows history of matching alarms even once they are acked.
The alarm table was acting it should: Any rows of instance AlarmA will show in the table until cleared and acknowledged. ie- AlarmA will only ever show in one row the alarm status table if acknowledgments were set to auto.
What looked like the alarm being overwritten was actually expected. It was already acked, then cleared. Once it became active again it takes the same row as the previous alarm since there was not an instance of AlarmB between the two instances of AlarmA.

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