Acs355 vfd

Has anyone used ignition with an ABB ACS355 VFD?
What communications module would you recommend using in the VFD?
Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP are available as options for VFD.

While I haven’t tied a ABB VFD directly to Ignition, I’ve had good luck getting VFD information out of a drive with Kepware via Modbus/TCP. The nice thing about using kepware is that you are not locked into just using the ABB drive profiles, you can access parameters specifically by address.

If you want to do communication with Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP then you need the FENA-01 module (for ACS355) or the RENA-01 module (for ACS550 or 800 drives).

I’ve also had very good luck using a AB Logix or MicroLogix PLC as a data aggrigator for ABB drives. If you check out ABB’s website they have a lot of good information and tutorials for setting up AB plc’s to get information out of their VFD’s via Ethernet/IP. The plus side is that Ethernet/IP is much easier to work with (in my opinion) than Modbus/TCP is. I have a system set up with 26 drives and one AB PLC, so I only have one connection from Ignition and I can organize the data into contiguous registers or some UDT’s to easily gather the data. Just some suggestions.