Action buttons inside table component

I have seen a decent share of tables having edit/delete buttons in each row for interfacing. Does anybody have any best practices or ways they solved this need? Anything would be appreciated! TIA

If I’m correct, the best way is creating a dataset, or using a table that displays a database query.

The buttons update/insert/delete database table which then populates to your visual table.

The linked page in the manual from the post above is specifically for Vision’s Power Table component. I am going to assume OP is referring to Perspective’s Table component instead, based on the thread’s associated tags.

I think the answer to the question depends largely on what data is in the table and what the expected action of a button in a row would be. If the goal is to have those buttons manipulate the values in the table’s property then this thread might help you get a few ideas. It specifically covers displaying information in a cell rendered as an embedded view as well as interacting with a dropdown component within the embedded view, but the principle could just as easily apply to an embedded view with a button as well.

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