Action logging and audit

I’m sure that this is a hot topic seeing that 21CFR was in the whitepaper poll. Is there any documentation on implementing security controls and logging for setpoints and alarms?

Something beyond the built-in auditing feature?

Yup, for example, one of the things I’m looking to do is setup notifications to be mailed out if some setpoints are changed. Is this something best handled within Ignition, or adding some triggers to the audit table in SQL?

That is covered under alerting. You may want to use this in addition to auditing. Just set up an alert on the desired setpoints. You can set up both an email alert as well as a log entry in the history.

how about getting sql updates to show up

here is an example of what I see in the audit log for someone updating some device properties that are stored in the db.

UPDATE devices SET devicename = ?, displayname = ?, defaultmeterdesignation = ?, latitude = ?, longitude = ?, meterid = ?, towid = ?, poll = ?, fieldid = ?, unitid = ?, api = ?, cost_center = ?, ftg = ? WHERE id = ? 

I can see that they did something, but not what changes were made.

I’ve made a feature ticket to have better auditing for prepared statements (using prepared statements is what is causing the query to have “?” instead of the actual values.

This has been done for Ignition 7.3.2