Activate an Ignition CD-KEY for a third-party module - activation failed. [code=15, message="Edition Mismatch"]

When I try to activate an Ignition CD-KEY for a third-party module for Ignition 7.9.9, I have the following error :
Error: Activation failed. [code=15, message=“Edition Mismatch”]
Same error returned in case of online activation or offline activation.
I activated the same module at the beginning of January 2019 without any issue.

Hmmm… there’s been a few reports like this in the last week or so. Let me ask around.

edit: just to make sure - you’re not trying to activate this on on Edge install, right?

No it’s a full Ignition

Can you email me the license key please?

Please try the activation again, it should work just fine. We got the problem fixed. It was because it was a 3rd party module license.