Activating License

Dear All,

i have problem with the license, first of all, i bought this license for my customer since march 2015, but suddenly the project was pending till january, now i installed the ignition v7.8.1 and activated the license. the license activated successfuly, but when i saw all of the module, it still on trial mode.

should i install the lower version, and the upgrade it to new version??

and one more question, since i develop the project in my laptop, is it ok to activate the license in my laptop, then when the project is ready, i move the license to the new server?

any comment ??

I’m guessing your existing license is for Ignition 7.7. You should either install Ignition 7.7 or upgrade your license to 7.8. You can use the license to develop on your laptop before moving it to the your customer’s server. Just deactivate the license on your machine when you’re ready to move it and reactivate it on the server machine.

then how to upgrade the license to 7.8??? is there any link to that?

You should call your IA sales rep. They can likely resolve your situation quickly. Also might want to call today, as we will be gone on holiday on Monday.

they suggest me to downgrade it to 7.7.7. one more question, i read in IA website that we can upgrade it to the new reporting module, if it possible how? is there any additional cost?


The new reporting module isn’t available for 7.7 installations – only 7.8.