Activation and Module Signing

Secure servers for activation and for both public and private module signing appear to be down. I already emailed support, but I was wondering if it’s just me. :slight_smile:

Hmm. My mails to support were returned to me. :frowning:

When did this happen? Not currently?

edit: IT guys are looking into it.

[quote=“Kevin.Herron”]When did this happen? Not currently?[/quote]Over the weekend. I worked around it by upgrading one of my other VMs w/ Dev keys to 7.8.2 for testing. As for the emails to support, barracuda doesn’t like my server. Claims there are too many connections from me. !?!?!

[quote=“Kevin.Herron”]edit: IT guys are looking into it.[/quote]Much appreciated.

Phil, can you verify that activation is working for you again, and that you can email support and/or other addresses at our domain?

Yep. Signed modules yesterday afternoon, traded emails with support yesterday evening, and just tested activating a dev key on a VM. FWIW, it was a key from a lost VM, so it only gave me 7 days. Apparently there’s no grant management for dev keys. I know I could just make a new one, but it seems a waste.