Active Directory and Schedules/Users

Right now, I’m using an Active Directory user source for authentication and role management. I’d like to set up schedules for alerts. In the User Management widget, the Schedule select list is disabled and set to the Always schedule for every user. I assume this is because AD has no “schedule” attribute. Is there any way to map any of the existing attributes to the user’s schedule?

So to get the schedules working, it seems like my only other option is to use the AD/Internal Hybrid user source type? Problem is there, now I have to manage roles internally rather than through AD.

Oh, and could the User Management widget have the Username and Name fields be made sortable? Right now, it gives me an unsorted list about 500 entries long. Finding a particular user is a chore.


I can’t help you with the AD scheduling part, but the filtering is fairly easy. Just add the following script to the User Management component and a text box somewhere on the window and you can use that to filter.


You can do the same with the roster management component, it helps a lot there too.