Active Directory Filtering

Setting up and trying the newer software, v 7.9 the IT dept and i decided to try our hand at active directory. We seem to have it configured correctly because we can see the entire list of everyone in the plant who has email or access to our network. But for some reason we just can not seem to get the right concept behind the filtering. The IT dept did take and took like 6 names and added in specific roles, 4 are assigned as DataCollection Supervisor and 2 are assigned as DataCollection Admins. However no matter what we put in the roles or users in the advanced tab, we just can not seem to get it to only report back these people, it either produces no results, or full results, or it just eliminates the role column.

Here is one of the settings we tried


Tried it in a few places but nothing seems to make a difference. Thought maybe if i posted it here someone could shed some light on it and let me know where the right place is and what the right setting should be.

Thank you.