Active Directory Internal Hybrid User Source On Specified Projects

Hey everybody,

This post is focusing on using different user sources for different projects in Perspective on version 8.1...

I'm currently using the default Internal user source for all of my projects. However, I have an AD Internal Hybrid user source set up and ready to use. I've tested logins for 3 users using the 'Verify User Source...' feature and all of them are successful. I also had one of our network engineers help with the set up so I'm pretty sure it is set up properly.

I don't want to use the AD user source on all of my projects, only a select few. The problem is that when I change the user source for a specific project in the 'project properties', It's still wanting credentials from the system user source which is the default internal user source.

Does the system user source defined at the gateway level determine the user source for all projects or am I missing something?

How do I configure individual projects to use the user source that I need and not have all of the projects rely on the default internal user source? Eventually, I will be using the AD user source for all projects but I'm wanting to test it out on a few projects before moving everything over.


Create as many new user sources as you need. Don't make hybrids if you don't want a fallback.