Active directory role search problems after upgrade

In production we are running version 7.51. In the test environment I have installed version 7.6.7 and restored a backup of our production server.

In 7.6.7, under Security > Users, Roles the “Role Search Base” parameter seems to have stopped working as it did before. I am getting a bunch of warnings because the gateway is trying to read attributes of OUs that it shouldn’t be looking at. I believe this is also slowing down performance because it is trying to read the attributes of way too many objects.

The path I have entered in both environments is:

(I’ve replaced some information with asterisks in this post to hide some details)

In 7.5.1 this path has the gateway only looking in the CorpSystems folder.

In 7.6.7 the gateway appears to be reading everything under the ***_Groups organizational unit.

Does the base folder need to be specified in a different way when using 7.6.7?

Would you be able to post a screen shot of your current configuration screen User Source connecting to Active Directory? I would like to see what you currently have configured for your LDAP queries.

Here are the relevant screenshots.