Active Directory Roles and Component Security

I am in the process of migrating from an Active Directory/Internal Hybrid type authentication scheme to a pure AD authentication scheme. We will soon be splitting to a server-per-facilityr setup and this will make managing user roles easier.

If I dump the System->User->RoleString SQLTag to a list, and all of the active directory groups that I am a member of show up. However, these do not show up on the tag in the designer, which appears empty. Also, in the “Manage Users” section for this profile on the gateway, the only user/role that shows up is admin & Administrator.

I believe this is why when I select a component, and click on the security pane, the only role that shows up is Administrator. I would like to be able to use checkboxes to select roles if possible. I’m sure since the roles show up to the list I’m dumping to, I could use a script on the component to check if a user is part of a specific role, but that is not an ideal solution. Any suggestions?

Edit: This is on version 7.6.2-rc4 (b2365).

Any word on this? I was asked by my management again today what the status of switching domains is and would like to be able to give a definitive answer as to what the next steps will be.

In the designer, the user you logged in with will have no roles. Only the clients have roles associated with the currently logged in user.

Something is going wrong with your Active Directory profile and it is not able to get the usernames/groups. Do you have the ‘Default’ auth profile set up as your failover? Also, there should be some error in the console when you try to list the users/roles.