Active queries problem


I would like to know if someone know how to solve this problem. I’m using ORACLE and sometimes i have some stored procedures that stay frozen and they don’t die. So, if I call a new instance of the same procedure, This enter to the active queries tail.

To solve this problem I’d like to use some kind of timeout for the procedure. In rssql this characteristic is possible to configure.

I attach a screenshot showing the procedures that don’t run.

There is no way to kill a query through Ignition, but you can do that through your database. A quick Google search yielded this info on doing it automatically. … 23463.html

Thank you very much,

I’ve been looking for something like that (set a timeout to my oracle SQL queries) unsuccessfully.

I’ll try to implement this and I tell you how it works.

Yesterday I noticed that when i have this problem always also I have the SQLDEVELOPER opened (the ORACLE DB tool provided by Oracle) and when I close it, the query finish its execution.

I don’t know if somebody else have seen this behavior.

Sounds like a locking problem.

I would look at what tables/rows your stored procedure is changing and compare to rows/tables your looking at in SQLDEVELOPER.

My guess is something your doing in SQLDEVELOPER is locking a table(s) required by the stored procedure.