Active X Module

I remember this thread from a while back:


So what is the verdict? Is the active x module still “supposed” to work on a newer version of ignition like 7.5.4? I was able to install it but I cant seem to get the internet explorer component to work. Trying to figure out where we stand. We put a good bit of time/money and a major feature of our package involves the internet explorer component. Not a big deal, Ill just have to use a older version perhaps if it doesnt work.

We will fix errors if something we do breaks the ActiveX module, up until we come up with our new browser solution.

There is a known bug which throws a “IllegalStateException: OleObject is not created” Java error when dropping the component on a window. If this is what’s happening, save and reopen the designer and the component will be there, but you will have to find it using the project browser.

If this isn’t the issue, are you getting some sort of error? Or is it just not working? Also note that it will only function when using a client, not in the designer.