Active X

I added the Activex Module into ignition. I have some other activex objects that I would like to use but can’t seem to figure out how to get them into Ignition. I added the generic activex control to the screen but cant see where to customize that.


Nobody??? All I am looking for is if this is possible???

I believe it is possible. If I remember correctly, when you want to add a custom activeX control, in the activex tab, there should e a general ActiveX addon object. I think you need the CLSID, but I have never even added an ActiveX control before. Just going off what I remember. Someone else will now more.

You just copy the PROGID or CLSID (class id) into the “Generic ActiveX Control” ID property. Change the ID Type to CLSID first if using the CLSID.

You can then use scripting to call setProperty() to set properties of the activex control. Details about this are unique to each control.

We’ll get this into the user manual soon.

There has been an update on this - check out this thread.