ActiveX component

What version of Ignition dropped the ActiveX component?

Reason I am asking we have a customer with V7.3.8 of Ignition and several Magelis XBGT HMIs throughout the plant. The Magelis have Web Gate enabled which allows any browser with ActiveX plugin to connect to the HMI and display screens on a PC.

We have Ignition screens that use the ActiveX component to display HMI screens within the Ignition application. If we upgrade the Ignition, this capability will be lost.

Changing the Magelis HMIs to TouchScreen Thin Clients pointing to Ignition screens is NOT an option.

I think it kind of still worked in 7.6. I think 7.5 still had full support.

ActiveX was dropped completely in Ignition 7.8. If you are using ActiveX then it should still work up to Ignition 7.7. But, if you are seeing issues with ActiveX there is going to be very limited support for it. This is why we no longer support it.