ActiveX Module


Any chance of “updating” the Active Module?

I have a few windows that use IE. I’d just like to use the ActiveX Module long enough to be able to serialize those windows and update them to the new browser.

Not an emergency by any means. I’m still getting all the bugs worked out from the migration to 7.6 from 7.2! :laughing: However, I’d like to have a bit more seamless transition to 7.7 when the new server hardware gets here.




No. we are not perpetuating that abomination any longer.

Try and put yourselves in our support department’s shoes. The ActiveX module is a nightmare from a support perspective. Even though we gave it away for free saying “limited support” folks would still call in complaining that their process crashed, and didn’t appreciate our answer of, “Yeah, ActiveX is unstable, there’s nothing we can do about it”.

We added the new web browser module specifically to be able to deprecate the ActiveX module.

+∞+1. Yep. I went there! :mrgreen:

Seriously, though, I completely understand. Heck, I even agree, and I’m trying to remove it’s malignant presence from my projects. But since they won’t serialize for editing, I can’t.

Really, in the end I’m just looking for a way to be able to edit these windows, even if it removes the offending ActiveX component or replaces it with a dummy component, or whatever.

Likely, I’ll pop this into a VM with Ignition 7.earlier and edit them out there. I was hoping for a bit of time-savings. And I hardly ever ask for anything-- well, except for an Omron OPC driver…:laughing:

Yeah, it would be nice if we could deserialize windows with components that don’t exist anymore on them, but in the meantime doing it in 7.6 is the way to go.