ActiveX PDF Viewer alternative on Linux server

I’d like to be able to view pdf file in landscape orientation. We have PDF viewer in the reporting module but that doesn’t seem to work.
As I’ve looked in forum, I found these 2 threads talking about ActiveX PDF viewer.


However, the download link suggests that it’s for Window only.
We have 7.6.5 on Linux server and I’m wondering how can we get around this?
It would be nice if there’s a property to specify orientation of the document or rotation in the component’s property itself.

Can anyone please help?

Try this: marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=48


Thank you for your help. We actually have this module installed but I didn’t use it. It’s under display tab in the designer. I used the one from Reporting module.

Anyway, it works now. I’m curious when to use which one though.

I never used the Reporting Module, so, I can’t say anything about the differences between them or when use one or another. Sorry.

If you have the PDF viewer from the marketplace then you would likely be best off just using that in places where you need to display a PDF. The viewer that comes with the reporting module is not quite as robust and may have some difficulties displaying some PDFs that the other viewer will be able to handle without any issue.