ActiveX Problems with office documents

I had downloaded and instaled the ActiveX in Ignition. In the status field of the module configuration always display: “LOADED”.

When I tried to drag and drop any excel or word document in Ignition Designer, nothing appears.

Any idea.

Do you get an error message? Can you drag any other component such as IE?

With IE is OK.

But with other component (Generic ActiveX Control) display: "Error: Unable to initialize component, because the necesary ActiveX control is missing·

Is Excel or Word installed on the client machine? That is the only requirement for the ActiveX plugin, it must reside on each client.

Just to add to this, I believe it has to be a full installation of Excel/Word, not just Excel Viewer or Word Viewer …

Yes, the excel and word are installed in full installation (Version 2007)

The PROGID that we use in the ActiveX component is Excel.Sheet. I think the PROGID has changed for Excel 2007. So, try adding the Generic ActiveX component and set the ID Type to PROGID and the ID to Excel.Application and the OLE Verb to INPLACEACTIVATE to see if it comes up.

When I add the Generic ActiveX, the values that you tell me are by default. For this reason the same situation continues.

I commented you that I had installed the software development of FPMI and Ignition on the same machine. But when I add the control excel or word in FPMI, that is OK.

I see, I will look into it some more.

Ok, the problem has been fixed in the next release. In the meantime, I have attached the ActiveX module in this post that you can install manually. Download the ActiveX-module.modl and upload it in the Ignition Gateway configuration section under Configuration → Modules.
ActiveX-module.modl (374 KB)


With the new release, the problem has been fixed.