AD Authentication issues

We are seeing a recurring log message of error fetching users/groups. It is a wrapper message declaring an invalid configuration for directory search: no username/password for search. How can I determine which application is triggering/failing this authentication? I don’t see any details of what project or user connection is being used for this.

@LandrethEdward, that’s most likely coming from an active directory (or AD/hybrid) user source. Check gateway configuration.

I checked both our AD and hybrid AD profiles by selecting “Verify an Authentication Profile” and entering the user/password they have setup and both came back successful. I see this message a lot on another server as well that uses the same authentication setup, but cannot find any details of what profile or object is having the issue. I added a snippet of the message, is there any way I can use this to pinpoint the object triggering a wrapper message?

Are your ad/hybrid profiles set up to ‘List Users from Active Directory’? Are they able to connect anonymously?

It looks like you may just have a setup we didn’t envision, at least based on what the error message is telling me; if you choose to do so, an Ignition user profile can periodically fetch users from active directory to build a local cache, but we expect that to require authentication - so an exception is thrown if you didn’t provide one. It’s technically possible for an LDAP query to not require authentication, just relatively uncommon. I suspect that’s what’s happening here - let me know if that might explain things. If you don’t have any AD user sources without a username/password configured, then I’m not sure what’s going on.