AD/Database Hybrid - Roster management hard to use

I just tried to rebuild the AD/Database Hybrid authentification used in our current production system in 7.6. Basically i use an own user management screen on based of an old IA example together with a simple LDAP browser (A little jython script in a popup window).
After adjusting and creating new tables, the authentification works and i am able to manage users and roles. The notification settings of course are not working any more.

Then i tried to add a roster for e-mail notification and found that i have to enter a AD username and password in the user source to enable user browsing (that was already discussed in another thread). After setting the User Listing Base to return less than 1000 users (to prevent a LimitExceeded exception) i have all users from one site listed in the roster management (to get all my users listed i would have to add several additional users sources for all the other sites).

The list in the gateway is ordered alphabetical, so it is possible to add a user if one knows the correct user id (Though it took me some time to figure out that i can mark a user at the end of the list and the simply drag any user form the list start to add it).
The Roster Management component in the client does not order the list, so it’s very hard to find the user you want to add.

There are some things that would make things easier (at least for me):

  • It would be really great if you could implemement an option for the AD/Database Hybrid scheme to not fetch the users from the AD server but use the users already present in the database user table. Unless i overlooked something, the User Management can not be used for AD/DB Hybrid, so i have to maintain those tables anyway.
  • For the roster management component, at least sorting by username would be extremely helpfull. An optional dataset property to fetch the users from (together with additional colums like full name) would be even better.

Ok I agree - the ad/db hybrid should have an option to list the users from the db, not active directory, and yeah, the roster manager should sort.

Just tested 7.6RC and the new option to fetch users from the database works very good. Thank you for the quick implementation.

The ordering of users in the lists is still a little problem. Currently the list displays 'forename lastname’ and orders by the forename. I think it would be better to display ‘lastname, forename’ and maybe the username in addition ‘lastname, forname (username)’.