AD / Database Hybrid


I created a user type source AD / Database Hybrid in Ignition.
I created a new project and I set as the type of authentication that I created earlier.
I created a database in SQL Server and I have created three tables: user_table (username, firstname, lastname, schedule, language notes), roles (rolename), user_role_mapping (rolename, username). I added a user with Manager role and the list of users and roles of ignition see you that I put in the database.

If, in ignition, I go in project / properties then project / general, I have the possibility to set required clients roles but I’m forced to make, in addition to the roles I want, the role Administrator. I have 2 questions:

  1. Why in this proprerties i must set Administrator role, if i don’t have this role in the db?
  2. Admitted that put the role administrator, I no access the project. Why? I did the same steps with a user source AD / Internal Hybrid and in that case it works.

best regards