Ad hoc tag history table with strings

I am trying to build an ad hoc tag history table that can also display string data.
I want to be able to have machine parameters and display a recipe names all in the same time series table.
I have tried using the easy chart dataset as suggested for other ad hoc tables however the string data type always gives me issues.
Any ideas welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Any update on this topic?

You should look at my NoteChart module.

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion.
It’s a nice module, I like that you can add annotations to the chart, really cool !

However, I don’t feel that it does what I require.
We’re logging a string value, this value should be displayed in the chart.
Is it capable of such thing?

You can use a history binding to retrieve the saved string records for the same time period as the EasyChart itself. You would need to transform that into the column formats required to display notes. I recommend my view() function from my free Simulation Aids module for that part.

EasyCharts cannot natively display strings. From history or otherwise.