Ad Hoc Trend First load not working


I’m using the latest version of the ad hoc trend resource with 8.1.18.

I define some chart in a db without problem. but if i try to load this chart, the first time it doesn’t work. I see in the props that everything is loaded correctly in axes, plots,… when a this is done if i try to call another trending saved in the database, this is working perfectly every times. Until i change from view and i come back to my ad Hoc trend view. I have the same behavior when using the load from file function.

Is there a ways to refresh the trend at load?

The trend is also refreshing is i drag and drop a pen from the browser into the trending. Then i have the trending loaded from the database/file and the pen i’ve dropped.


I will look into this. It sounds like this might be a bug, maybe due to something that could have changed in 8.1.18. I will test out that version and see if I get the same result. If so, then I’m sure there is some way to work around the issue.

hi @mraybourn,

Thanks for the help, i will also check on my project.
If i find something i will let you know

@De_Clerck_Arnaud I tested out the resource with a brand new install of 8.1.18 and was unable to reproduce the issue you described. If you are still having problems then let me know. If so, then check the browser’s console for any kind of error that might be showing up and let me know what it says.