Ad hoc trend on another perspective view, some questions

I dragged an Ad Hoc Trend view onto another page view with the header and background I wanted.

Is there a way to narrow down which directories are shown on the left?
Is there an easy way to widen the browse tags area or make it adjustable?

I have Ad Hoc Trend perspective 1.0.6
When I put in a folder path to the configuration section, it does not seem to narrow down the directories of the tag browsing.

Ad Hoc Trends 1.0.6 uses the Power Chart as the main component, which includes that Tag Browser. You can narrow the tag browser folder path by editing the tagBrowserStartPath config property on that component.
The Tag Browser width can be adjusted by the user in the moment, but if you want to more precisely control the Tag Browser, you could disable the built-in browser and add your own using the Tree component. You can find examples of that in the Exchange as well:

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I tried it a few ways, but have not been able to get the tagBrowserStartPath config property to work yet.

If I go to my gateway status, or at the top of my designer, I see the gateway name. Let’s say it is “thisGateway”

if I put into the startpath thisGateway: then I get nothing for the tags
I tried adding the tag browser per the example thisGateway:thisTagBrowser
I still get nothing even after pressing the reset circle.

The example in the doc says Example: gateway:tagProvider
So I thought the gateway name from the title bar of my designer, colon, then the name of the tag browser from tag browser would do the trick

I also tried the folder names that I see in the in the component after the gateway name.
Not sure what I am doing wrong. Help appreciated.

I got it finally.


so for me