Ad hoc trending range property is not scaling uniformly for different tags

Ad hoc charting range property is not scaling uniformly for different tags. For e.g. we have two temperature tags one with the range of 0-500 and other with 0-100. After dragging from tag browse tree to the chart, the first one ends up displaying range correctly but the second tag doesn’t. I tried changing default axis, auto range properties but no there is no change in the chart behavior.

  1. Why is the second tag failing to use the default axis?
  2. Ideally, I would appreciate if the ad hoc chart follows the tags own engineering unit from the metadata. Is this possible?

Ignition help article says below about scaling:
“You may have multiple axes set up for your Easy Chart, but when dragging Tags from the Tag Browse Tree component to an Easy Chart, there is no way for the user to set which axis to use. Because of this limitation, any Tag that is added in this way will attempt to match their Engineering Units property to an axis on the chart. If no match is found, the default axis will be used.”