AD Hybrid Usersource

A pure AD UserSource provides the ability to access a number of LDAP properties such as Phone/Email/SMS. This isn’t available though when choosing either the Internal or Database Hybrid verisons of the AD UserSource. Any particular reason? Or am I missing something?

We’ve chosen to go with the AD/Database Hybrid to allow easy role management across multiple gateways. But would prefer to only use it for role management, and still be able to access those other LDAP properties straight from our system of record for such things.

I’m running into this issue too. We are using a Hybrid setup since we have multiple Ignition gateways but we also want to use the SMS module with phone numbers coming from the AD. Please advise.

I just talked to Tech Support. There is no way to get contact information if you are using a AD/Hybrid setup. In the pure Active Directory setup, there’s no way to manage schedules.

I’m going to investigate writing a script to pull that information directly into SQL if possible.

I’m using AD/Internal Hybrid at a site and can get user contact info:

userObj = system.user.getUser('AD Source', 'username')
print userObj.getContactInfo()


My understanding from Inductive is that is getting contact information from your Ignition database, not from the actual AD. If you update a phone number in your AD directly, does it change using that command?

That is exactly how I am using it with a hybrid setup. It manages the company user base and I manage the roles and idp in ignition. All properties are available from AD

I don’t manage the users, however there are 1200+ users and their contact information made available through the AD user source when we set it up. Roles are assigned through Ignition based on what I’ve defined in the Ignition gateway.

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Are you using internal or external?

Internal for the roles an AD for the user source.