AD/Hybrid Vision Auto Login

Vision Module v4.2.2 Ignition v7.2.2. I am currently using AD/Hybrid to authenticate users. These users are already logged into our corporate domain. Can I set the client up to bypass the login screen based on the users’ already authenticated credentials? Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can go into the Ignition Designer -> Project Properties to setup auto-login. It is under Client -> Login. You just need to give it a valid username and password that will work in the authentication profile.

Thanks for the response.
If I have ‘userA’ and ‘userB’ and I have Window1 and Window2, will this type of auto login allow me to grant ‘userA’ access to Window1, but disallow ‘userB’?

Sure, you can do that by the user’s roles. ‘userA’ could be in a role that allows access to the window where ‘userB’ doesn’t.

If I use ‘userA’ for the auto login, would that grant all who start the vision client 'userA’s permissions?

Yes, so you can ‘userA’ read-only or no privileges.

I think what you were really asking for here is something called “Single Sign-On” (SSO). That is, have the Ignition client log on using credentials of the current window’s session. Unfortunately this isn’t currently available. This is tricky for us to implement due to our cross-platform support, and SSO would only work on Windows.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the reply.

Could roles be mapped to the OSUsername instead of Username?

Not as it is currently constructed, because the roles come from the authentication profile as a result of the login operation.