AD productivity 2000 communicatoin


I have and AD PLC, the new Productivity series with the P2-550 CPU. I’ve been trying to use the Modbus TCP for communication but haven’t been able to get any tag info from it yet. Has anybody else been able to get this working?

I am “connected” VIA Ethernet under devices. The only real Modbus experience I have with ignition is connecting arduino to it.

Any help is appreciated.

Well, there’s no browsing when you’re using Modbus, so being connected is a good first step.

Now you need to figure out how the data in your program maps to Modbus addresses and then create SQLTags that reference those addresses: … Addressing

I do believe that is most of my problem, I’m contacting Ad tech support about the addressing because it’s definitely different as you can manually address the tags. I’ve addressed the output DO-, which is output 1 on card 2 to 000001 and using OPC tag [AD2000]C1 doesn’t work, the tag is showing good communication but it doesn’t seem to be with the assigned output. I might need to enable some communications in the PLC.

I have tried setting the addressing in the gateway device setup as the help file suggests but still am not sure what to fill in for addresses. Also it doesn’t except C as the prefix.

I’ll post the results after talking with Tech support.


I found this post about the AD Productivity 3000 which uses the same programming as the 2000. … ect#p31958

In address mapping i used DO for the prefix, start =1, end=3, step=unchecked, unit id=0, coil selected, modbus address=1.

I did this after I made 3 outputs addressed 000001-000003

Thanks for the Help!