ADAM-6017 setup in Ignition OPCUA

Would like to know if anyone has set up an ADAM-6017 8ch analog remote IO module as a Modbus device in Ignition’s OPCUA? Trying to read integer values at addresses 40001 through 40009. Does anyone have an example of the setup in Ignition, because I haven’t setup a Modbus connection before.



Hi Justin,

I haven’t used the ADAM with Ignition, but it should be pretty straightforward. Add a new OPC-UA Modbus TCP device in the Ignition gateway called ‘adam’, setting its Hostname to the ADAM’s IP address. Make sure it is enabled.

Then add a new OPC SQLTag, setting its OPC Server to ‘Ignition OPC-UA Server’ and its OPC Item Path to [adam]HR1This should be enough to let you read address 40001.

Shouldn’t I have to set up the address configuration? I set it up like exactly how you stated and the SQL Tag comes back null.

What you are doing by using the HR register directly is skipping address configuration - you don’t need to set it up at this stage. I think it is better to keep it simple until you prove your comms link.

Can you ping the ADAM’s IP address from the Ignition server?

I can ping the device and the device from the server and it shows that it is connected.

Got it. I just needed to delete the original Modbus device that I was working with and then added a new one. All is good now. Thanks Al!