ADAM 6060 DO problem

Hello people, im trying to read the data from ADAM 6060 module, ive read the digital inputs ( 1, 2 and 3) but im unable to read the digital output, i can see in modbus simulator its working but after testing every addresing ive found, i finally have some value with HR00017 adress acording to the manual. Any idea of what can i do to actually see it in my ignition chart?

According to the manual, the digital outputs are addresses C17 to C24. The manual’s section on modbus commands suggests that Advantech is using one-based addresses in the protocol, which would require you to use zero-based addressing in the driver. I’m not sure if that is really true.

Advantech definitely doesn’t care about Modbus conventions–that model’s digital inputs appear to be mapped to C1 to C8 instead of DI1 to DI8. Very strange.

THANK YOU! Pturmel, it worked perfectly i couldnt find en C addressing. the inputs worked with almost every addresing tested but outputs only with C. thank you again

You’re welcome.

Did you have to change the driver to zero-based addressing instead of one-based?

no, it worked fine just with C addressing, i tried RL, DO, HR, plain number and 2 more i dont remember now, and everything worked fine with inputs but now i know C is fine, thank you again