Add A Column Of Type List To A Dataset

I want to add a column to a dataset that whose rows are made up of dropdown menus.
If you try to set a component’s “Custom Properties” on the Ignition Designer, you can see that there’s a column named “Type” of type List or Treeview or something.
How do I get this result on a Table’s dataset?


You need to build the list in a HTML format that will populate the dropdown menu. This can be static or is can be generated dynamically using code. I have created a simple window with a table on it and a column that has a drop down list with two items in the drop down list. The sample list for this table is a static string custom property on the root container with the HTML formatted string. You then need to use cell update on the column attributes data for the table to bind the translatemap attribute for the column you require to be a dropdown and bind it to the list you have created.
You will have to add an update query if you want this new value selected from the dropdown to be updated to the database.


DropDown.proj (7.75 KB)