Add a delay before transaction group read

We are using a transaction group with a single tag as a trigger, this data doesn’t change very often - only a couple times an hour. The problem we have is that the PLC can take up to 10 seconds to populate all the tags with the correct values, the trigger we are watching is the only one guaranteed to change however it isn’t the last tag the system updates. So we regularly get records in our database that are a mix of the current and previous job, depending on how slow the tags were rewritten.

I’ve changed the OPC data mode to “READ” hoping that the delay would be sufficient but it is still too fast. Is there a way to tell ignition to wait say 20 seconds after the trigger before it reads the entire transaction group?

OPC Read Mode is designed expressly for this kind of data integrity, but it absolutely depends on the trigger being the last thing changed by the PLC. You could create a script and get under the hood with Java Scheduled Executor to give you the delay you want, but it really won’t be reliable without the PLC change.

@Psiuyo did you get any work around or solution for this?